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February 26, 2009

we have a vistitor in the bay

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quite impressive boat. Not so impressed when she left this morning at 6 am blowing the horn.

February 22, 2009


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rained all day but became sunny in the late afternoon for tropfest short film festival


February 9, 2009

headless sydney tower

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while bush fires are all over australia, sydney skyline is barley visible today.
Has been a pretty catastropic week with all the fires, flooding and 2 shark attacks around Sydney.

img_1169.jpgimg_1170.jpg img_1209.jpg

February 8, 2009

lane bowling

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Outdoors, no pins and the balls are some odd shape.
Still fun and a good excuse for having some beers.


February 1, 2009

chinese newyears twilight parade

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dragons and glitter at the parade:

1113.jpg mvi_1113.MP4


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