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July 22, 2008

esta semana

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and this was only the beginning... we easily reached 40 C + the next week.


July 20, 2008

el escorial and the big cross

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We have a vistor and so we are back to some sightseeing.
We finally made our way to el escorial castle ansd Francos crazy monumenin the Sierra.
The cross is 150 m and there is a large church build into the mountain below.
And its hot: yesterday night it was 31 degress at 1 a.m.


Größere Kartenansicht

July 9, 2008

its a sony

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So it is offical now: the film will be distributed by Sony.

July 6, 2008

pride and pickpockets

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I finally got how to add google maps to posts and we put some holiday pictures in the net.
It is still around 35 degrees here. Yesterday we went to see the pride parade at Gran Via.
It was pretty crowded which some pickpockets used to try to steal Herbert s purse twice.


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