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June 29, 2008

back from lanzarote vacations

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Lanzarote has ca 70 volcanos and the same number of white and black beaches and maybe the smallest IKEA in the world.
We got the worst sun burn in years, went over to fuerrteventura and we did something really brave: rent a car.

gracioso.jpg 1dsc_6392a.jpg1dsc_8202.jpg1dsc_7498.jpg

Größere Kartenansicht

June 11, 2008

after 3 days of truck strike it begins to show

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in the supermarket now. They want lower gas prices despite compared to Germany it is cheap here. So they block the highways with the trucks. This is our local supermarkets fruit and vegetables department today:

And on the highway to work

And thats how it looks like outside on the street.

stau.jpg stau01.jpg

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