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April 8, 2008

rain in spain this week

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and the production company in local tv (spanish):

And at imdb:

April 5, 2008

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Herbert has to work at weekend as production has to catch a deadline.
I started to post my new photo series here: banks of madrid

April 3, 2008

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"Maybe" means the technican was here in the afternoon but we weren't.
The same happend today, luckily our neigbours have w-lan.
Carrefoure supermarket has a selction of international food including Semmelknödel and Senf if we ever get homesick...
Today was nice and warm, summer is gonna be extremly hot here.

No "panic room", just our appartment door:


April 1, 2008

el internet

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So we try to get a phone line in our new appartment ( now we havent and we need to be really lucky to get one soon).
Telefonica promised after only 1 day to "maybe" send a technican tomorrow morning. But only "maybe".

March 28, 2008

¡vámonos en IKEA!

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So we signed a 20 pages spanish contract for that appartment in Tetuan (north of the center) yesterday.We already got the door keys. Its on of the classic brick buildings and furnished.

After work we went to (one of the 3) IKEA stores to get some dishes and cooking stuff.We are a bit sick of the living in the appartment hotel so we are quite happy about this.

tmg_0203.jpg timg_0200.jpg

We have the possibilty to use the local way of drying cloths but as we are in the 4th floor we wont use it for now. We also discovered a nearby chinese shop where you can buy everything (without having to know the name).

March 23, 2008

cumpleaños en toledo

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For those who hate climbing: use the moving staircase to toledo timg_0171.jpg
Pano preview of Alcazar, still need to fix it: panorama1copy.jpg

Its only a 30 minutes ride by train to toledo. As the train leaves from the station which nearly was blown off by terrorists (the one with the palms inside, see below) security checks are like at the airport: all bags need to be screened.
Our level of spanish is still pretty basic (counting to 10, ordering coffee with milk) despite going to spanish lesson once a week with our really nice polish spanish teacher Ana. So we bought a children's encyclopedia to learn some more words.

Größere Kartenansicht

March 21, 2008

Good friday (and the red hoods)

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We went to one of the catholic processions in the centre of Madrid at sunset.
There are some 20-30 processions scheduled before easter sunday.
Seems like red hoods belong to the Jesus  and black ones to the Maria statue.


March 19, 2008

easter holiday

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Easter holiday starts today. We had a look at a 3 room appartment in the north of the city tonight.
No terraza but otherwise nice. The landlord speaks English which is good.

My compuer arrived and it's working (yeah).

March 16, 2008

a sunny sunday out

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in parque del Oueste and the city<br /> g


March 14, 2008

1st week

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so we survived our first week and so far we really like it. It's sunny and warm again and we are quite bussy: We got our NIE, bank account and first spanish class. My computer has still not arrived: dhl promised 3-4 days, damn.

spain is great for people who like to get up late: start working at 10 am, lunch from 2-3.

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